Pest treatment certificate for tourist homes in Formentera

According to the plan approved in the boib on 04/30/2019 that regulates the quality of tourist homes in Formentera, it establishes as an essential requirement a certificate of treatment in the septic tank by a specialized company.

Posidonia Environmental Health provides this type of certificate with the required treatment in the most efficient and economical way, so that this type of requirement becomes a simpler procedure for our clients.
Request treatment for certificate

Work process

An inspection will be carried out in the septic tank of the house to see what degree of problem it has and proceed to apply a product according to it with the minimum risk for the client, this type of procedure is usually a fairly fast process.


Once the treatment has been carried out in the septic tank, you will be given the certificate in accordance with the established regulations that will be used for any inspection or requirement by the Consell Insular de Formentera.